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Design Philosophy


With strength in Architecture, Interior and Landscape we are able to provide one stop solution to all design requirements of a site. Integrated design is a given process in our firm, so even when we are engaged to only do Architecture for a project; we invest efforts in blocking the interiors with the design.


Our design concepts are always context specific, they are best for the particular site in question. While finalizing a design we ask ourselves can this design be copied at some other site, if the answer is yes we go back to the drawing board.


Our definition of a good design is: "any visitor to the site can recreate a mental image of some aspect of the design after he/she leaves the site". All our designs have to tie together in a theme however they need to also contain elements which can help meet our definition of a good design.


Irrespective of our client's mandate we apply a green filter to all our designs. Our definition of sustainability goes beyond Environmental to encompass Economic, Cultural and Social sustainability wherever possible.


     Archana Bais
     » DUNDAS Square
     » Civic Centre
     » Dalhousie University
     » Research Base
     Kapil Rawat
     Design Philosophy


     GEU Medical College
     GEU Auditorium
     GEU International School
     Birla International
     JD School
     Woodstock School
     SCE Library
     SCE Office
     SCE Cafeteria
     SCE Landscape
     GRD College


     Redesigned House
     Glowing Butterflies
     The Residence
     House of Memories
     Flower House
     Chamba Cottage
     Urban Haveli
     La Casa
     Panache Valley
     Swing Design
     Noida Flat


     JD Club Noida
     The Lavender Retreat
     Nainital Resort
     Valley of Lights
     Phula Lane
     Terrezas De Flores


     Once Upon a Time
     Eltham Bakery
     Cafe de Picollo
     Arcadia Greens
     Balajee Office
     Barthwal Gym


     Windchime Meadows
     Rainbow Residency
     Living Woods
     Atreya High
     Bougainvillea Lane
     Pebble House


     IMA CSD
     IMA Officers Mess
     Madhya Marg
     The Red Cube

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